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Hello everyone who is looking for coaching. I'm an 18 years old boy who spent his whole childhood playing games. I played Counter-Strike 1.6 seven years and now, I'm playing Valorant, every day. I was always interested in teaching other players who are both casuals and half-professionals. Opening hours: 6 PM - 10 PM (CEST - UTC +2, CET - UTC +1) You will need: Discord, Valorant, Microphone of decent quality and some headset :D Find me at socials: Facebook/Messenger: Instagram: Discord: Gouda#2559 Maybe you will find some good offers here. If you would like to get some additional information you can write to me to Facebook/Messenger or here. I hope we will find the best offer for you. Nice to see you in the future, have a nice day.



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Casual/Professional Coaching in Valorant (Czech/English)

Hello my dear fans of Valorant, if you want to be more powerful or simply a little bit better in this game you can simply pick any of my bundles. I provide coaching from absolute basics to professional teaching. I hope we can find a good player in you.


Casual Basics in Valorant (Czech/English) - 1 hour
Basics of the game: Crosshair placement, better aiming, orientation across the map, knowing your enemy, mistakes that casuals make


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